About us:

Tahweel™ Building Trading Company is a subsidiary company of Tahweel™ Integrated Company (TIC) registered in Saudi Arabia. We are specialized in supplying piping products and fittings for plastic piping systems of pressure and hot and cold water as well as sanitary distribution. Our main products are PP-R Pipes and Fittings.

Tahweel™ PPR Pipes & Fittings products are entirely manufactured in accordance with the European standards and highly advanced technologies. Our products are durable to different water pressures and harsh environmental conditions. All our products comply with the Saudi (SASO) and German (DIN) Standards.

Tahweel™ PPR Pipes & Fittings systems follow German standard with 50 years of service life. Tahweel™ PPR Pipes & Fittings applies a strict quality control system on all its products and provides non-corrosive, defect-free and safe pipes for a smooth flow of water for homes and industrial processes.

  • Tahweel™ PPR Pipes & Fittings are produced using high-tech extrusion lines and injection molding machines to ensure maximum efficiency while bearing cold, as well as, hot water.
  • Tahweel™ PPR Pipes & Fittings is reliable for the transfer of all aggressive acidic, alkaline, and other corrosive and reactive chemicals, without being affected.
  • Tahweel™ PPR Pipes & Fittings are not only of splendid quality, but the company also guarantees complete customer satisfaction through constant improvement and friendly customer care services.

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